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The historical development of the institutional church is marked by the consolidation of hierarchical powers, doctrines and scriptural interpretations that have placed power in the hands of a small group of ordained male leaders. This has led, to the near exclusion of women as authoritative teachers, leaders and partners in the development of the Church. The culture of celibate male domination is not only a source of oppression for women but also detrimental to the existence and respect for human rights in the Church.

Yet it need not be so.

People all over the globe are discussing and writing about how things can be different in the future. Through a global network of online communities, they share their visions and hopes, their struggles and prayers, envisioning and modelling new ways of being Church in which all are welcome, heard and included.

Through our worldwide networking we ask:

  • What do women hope for from their church?

  • What needs to change?

  • What issues need attention?


CWC attempts to model a renewed Church by being inclusive and representative, promoting equal dignity and equal human rights for all women in our globally diverse and multicultural church.

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