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Violence against Women in the Church


La guerra contra las mujeres

Documentation: Rita Laura Segato

WATAC Presents Behind Stained Glass Door: Domestic Violence and the Australian Church 

A Catholic Response to Domestic Voilence

Booklet, (English,Filipino, Chinese)

Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay ,Australia


Ökumenischer Frauengottesdienst

Termin: 25.11.2023 18.00 Uhr

Ort: Berlin

Frauenliturgie Maria 2.0

Termin: 25.11.2023, 18.00 Uhr

Ort: Kassel

Liturgy for the Campaign Against Violence to Women in the Church.

Material: Worldwide

Vigilia en Memoria y Esperanza

Material: Spanish Worldwide


Protegera a las mujeres no es un Gasto es una iversion

Place: Chile 23.11.2023

Violencia de género contra las mujeres: estadísticas y reflexiones

Webinar: 23.11.23

Giornata internazionale per l’eliminazione della violenza contro le donne


Voci da Concilia gli abusi nella chiesa

Webinare 12.04.2024


The topic of violence against women and girls is universal - women experience violence in all countries, cultures and social environments


The Catholic Church with its patriarchal and hierarchal structure, is no exception. Sexualised violence is common, used as an instrument of power in a context that demands submission. To this day, women are denied the right to sexual self-determination by the Catholic Church and Bishops worldwide openly oppose laws that serve to protect women from violence.


The CWC therefore believes that it is important to focus on violence against women in the Church. This includes, sexual and spiritual abuse of women, the disregard for women's human rights, doctrines that deprive women of their rights, various forms of domestic violence, the refusal of the Catholic Church to sign the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination and Violence against Women (CEDAW) and the Istanbul Convention.


We cordially invite you to take part in the campaign, for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


Here you will find various events, liturgies, demonstrations, online story sharing, etc. that our organisations are planning for the days of action.  You are invited to use these resources in your programme.

We also provide information about events by our member organisations on this topic.


As a global network, we aim to provide perspectives from as many countries as possible. It is precisely this networked perspective that helps us to raise the issue of violence against women in the necessary spectrum.

Please understand that we cannot translate all resources provided.

Press Statements

German women organisation calls for broad measures to protect women from violence

Press Statement Equal dignity - equal rights for all women worldwide

75 years  Declaration of Human Rights


South India: Awareness video on violence to women.  Tamil poet, Maha Kavi Subramania Bharati's Women Liberation Song, set to dance, along with English translation.

Voice of Change: 16 Day - 16 Films

Each day one film till 10 December,

Filmmakers from Australia, UK, USA, Mexico,Italy, Germany, France

Material / Awareness

Spiritual self-determination" is neither easy to describe nor easy to learn. The aim of this manuel is to encourage women to live a spiritually self-determined life. Women find the courage to speak publicly about "spiritual abuse". (Germany)

The sexual abuse of women religious by clergy is a virulent problem all over the world.

Abuse of adult women in the Catholic Church
Online Tutorial (german language)
Carefully researched lessons provide you with knowledge about the background, extent, causes, consequences and manifestations of abuse. You will find out what options for action are available, how those affected can be supported and you will gain an insight into current developments.


In den letzten Jahren haben Menschen zunehmend den Mut gefunden, öffentlich über Missbrauch zu sprechen.
23 Frauen berichten in diesem Buch von Missbrauch, den sie als Erwachsene im Raum der Kirche erfahren haben.

Preventing abuse

Abuse of adult women in the Catholic Church is still too often overlooked or denied.

Advocacy and information centres for women who have experienced violence in the church are being set up all over the world. Please help to spread the information.

 If you have further information on contact points, please share them with us:

Human Rights

Equal dignity - equal rights for all women worldwide
The Catholic Church violates women's rights because she does not recognise that women are equal in dignity and rights.

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