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Executive Committee

The Executive Boards is organising the work voluntary on an international basis in different languages groups and regions. We so want to provide and assist our member groups in a most efficient way. If you want to contact a specific person in your language group or in your region, please contact us at:


We will transfer your message to your language group or the member of your region.

Asia: Virginia Saldanha (Chairperson / India) | Europe: Franziska Zen Ruffinen (Switzerland), Regina Franken-Wendelstorf (Germany) | United Kingdom/ Ireland: Mary Ring & Sue Williamson (UK) | Africa: Nontando Hadebe (South Africa), Philomena Mwaura (Kenya) | Latin America, Caribbean, Spain: Marisa Noriega Cándano (Mexico), Teresa Casillas Fiori (Spain) | Australia/ New Zealand: Cathy Corbitt (Australia) | North America/Canada: Kate McElwee (USA)

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