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Ecclesia for Equality

“Ecclesia for Equality”, aims to amplify the events, prayers and demonstrations of our member groups in Rome and around the world to highlight where and how women are contributing to the global discernment of the synodal process.

We believe the Catholic Women’s Council can play a unique role in the synod. As a diverse global network for women committed to ensuring the dignity and equality of women, we celebrate the plurality of our voices, our different languages, symbols, and strategies, and walk together on this journey.  

“Ecclesia for Equality” is an extension of the synodal tent: a virtual, physical, and spiritual space where we seek to model synodality authentically and cultivate strength in our interconnection and collaboration. Our events center around the themes of Sacramental Life; Abuse and Violence against Women; Human Rights; Women in Theology; Power, Participation, and Representation; and the Role of Women in the Church. 

Prayer: "Let Her Voice Carry,”

Date: 3rd October, 4.30pm live-streamed on Youtube channel:

Place: Rome Basilica of Saint Praxedis (Via di Santa Prassede, 9/a)

Catholic Women's Ordination.png

Prayer Service and Reception

Date: 3rd October 6.15pm

Place: Rome, Mecenate Palace: Via Carlo Alberto, 3, 00185). 

Catholic Women's Ordination.png

Action based in the park by Castel Sant'Angelo followed by delivery to Synod Office.

Date: 4th October 7.30am

Place:Lungotevere Castello Angolo Largo dei Mutilati ed Invalidi di Guerra. This is very near "Biblio Bar Roma" by Castel Sant'Angelo

Catholic Women's Ordination.png

Women's March

Date:  6th October 2.30 pm

Place: Rome, San Giovanni dei Fiorentini up to St Peter's square (wear purple!)

Get Together CWC Delegation

Date: 8th October

Place:Rome, Casa Santa Maria della Bavaria

If you want to join our delegation in Rome please send a message:

Meet CWC Delegation

Date: 9th October

Place: Rome, Casa Santa Maria della Bavaria

If you want to join our delegation in Rome please send a message:

Ecclesia for Equality
Get Together CWC Network

Date: 10th October 1 pm - 6 pm

Place: Rome, Casa Internazionale delle Donne


                    online via Zoom

Ecclesia for Equality Liturgy
"Lament, Resistance and Hope"

Date: 11th October  4.30 pm

Place: Rome, Casa Bonus Pastor

Walk in her Shoes

Date: 11 October 13.30 -16.00

Place: Rome, Casa Bonus Pastor/ global

Women around the world are called upon to take off their own shoes and slip into another woman's shoes to walk in them. Come and join us or  make a little film of yourself walking in another woman's shoes.

Spirit Unbounded

Human Rights in the 

Emerging Catholic Church

Date: Sunday     8th October to

         Thursday 12th October 




Spirit Unbounded

Human Rights in the 

Emerging Catholic Church

Date: Friday      13th October to

         Saturday  14th October 

         Live in Bristol and Rome

         and Online 



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