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The Catholic Women’s Council (CWC) is a global networking organisation whose members work for the full recognition of the dignity and equality of women in the Roman Catholic Church.


With more than sixty member groups, CWC represents a rich diversity of priorities, themes, and strategies to advance women's equality and dignity in the Church. We embrace the reality that different groups and individuals will have different views on what this might mean. We find strength in our differences, and hope in our global solidarity as Catholic women.  


Organizations or Groups: 

We invite all Roman Catholic associations, initiatives, networks, religious orders and ecclesial institutions to consider joining CWC by filling out the form below. We ask that you consider: if your values align with CWC; if you organize events or actions to advance the equality and dignity of Catholic women; are willing to promote CWC events as appropriate, and publicize on your website or social media that you are a member of CWC. If so, please consider applying. The CWC Executive Council reviews applications on a monthly basis. 



Whether you are part of a CWC group or not, we invite all who support the mission of CWC to attend our events, receive our newsletter, and follow us on social media. Please sign up for our newsletter here, and find us on social media @ ..

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