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We need your support


All campaigns and events are financed exclusively by donations. Your donation helps us to work for reforms in the Catholic Church worldwide. Currently funding for the Catholic Women’s Council is provided by the support association CWC based in Switzerland.

As an international platform with numerous organisations in the global South, organisational membership is free-of-charge. The Executive Board works on a voluntary basis.

All payments go directly to the bank account of the CWC- support association and are used exclusively for CWC activities. Our network is recognised as a non-profit organisation, therefore donation receipts can be issued.

For the Women’s Synod project, we are grateful to all institutions for their generous support:

Catholic Church of Zürich


CWC- Support Association:

IBAN: CH09 0077 8216 2740 4200 1

BIC: LUKBCH2260A     


If you not only want to support us financially, but also would like to contribute, simply contact us via our website or write to us at:

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