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Participation and Representation

When women from across the globe speak of their experience of the Church, the most common term used is frustration. Women are frustrated by the abuse of power, clericalism, discrimination, sexism, and fear they experience in Church settings. Worldwide, the absence of women at decision-making levels and their exclusion from ordained ministries are seen by women as the biggest forms of discrimination and injustice.


During the Listening Session 'Power, Participation and Representation' women strongly recommend to eradicate clericalism and to allow the full participation of women in the life and ministries of the Church:

  • Listening to and including women not only in decision-making processes, as well as in the actual decision-making. Ensure processes are transparent and accountable to the baptised. Involve parishioners in selecting their pastors.

  • Filling leadership positions and committees professionally and not arbitrarily, and limit terms of office to a specified time period. Ordination is not proof of competence in all areas. The abuse of power and imbalance between men and women can be avoided through collaborative leadership.

  • Renewing Church structures and canon laws to protect the rights of all members of the Church, regardless of gender or sexual identity, and not just the rights of priests and bishops.

The Listening session 'Power, Partizipation and Representation'  prepared bywomen of Europe, and coordinated
by  leaders from Germany and Switzerland

View their presentations and Vidoes and or connect with the voices of women collected via Mentimer below.

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