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Situation of Women

Commencing on International Women's Day 2022, we made this journey with the foundational reminder that women around the world are working for equal dignity and rights as a matter of justice and well-being.that works well on almost every site. With this focus, we sought to listen to the voices and experiences of Catholic women across the globe, and particularly how they are faring in diverse regions. Our first session Situation of Women in the Church was led by women of Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean where 2,286 women responded to a virtual survey carried out in December 2021 - January 2022, and others participated in approximately 60 workshops held by some communities and/or women's groups.

While in Africa Women expressed feeling used by the Church and excluded by a romanticised theology of Mary. Their ability to be agents of their own spirituality and creators of their own spiritually- nourishing groups is limited by an internalised patriarchy and oppression.

In Asia Communities, independent of clerical control, are developing to provide women with alternative spaces to experience, express and develop their spirituality; to promote the study of theology; and to care for victims of the
Church, and domestic violence.

Also in Europe many women are moving away from the Church and forming groups (virtual and physical) that provide sacred spaces for sharing and prayer.

Communities in America still suffer Racism, in the form of discrimination, segregation and stereotypical
attitudes and Many women have left the Church because of the lack of recognition of equality, lack of trust and support, and a disconnection with preaching that is often insidiously harmful to women.

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