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Resistance and Hope

Real Christ-like freedom, based as it is on truth, does not mean remaining attached to man-made traditions, cultural structures, and doctrines that belong to past ages. It means to be free to live self-determined lives in the company of Jesus and all our siblings.


Claiming our Catholic faith as women – in our wholeness – is often an act of resistance.

Given the difficulties caused mainly by the ecclesiastical hierarchies, it is crucial not to lose the call of the Spirit, to raise our voices and bring our questions to make the reign of God a reality. Diverse movements of women all over the world are acknowledging the signs of the times: an inescapable invitation to unite and create networks of communities to work for equality.

Women can play a crucial role in helping to restore trust and credibility in the

institutional Church and truly bring about God’s love. We continue to be involved and unafraid to claim our faith as Catholic women.

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