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The Catholic Women’s Council (CWC), is a coalition of Catholic women’s groups and networks from different countries which are joining together for a pilgrimage towards Rome. Through virtual and local initiatives, these groups are setting globally an example for dignity and equality in the life of the Church. The understanding of equal dignity and equal rights in our church is at the forefront of all events, which are intended to facilitate meetings on an equal basis towards what we call an ”Ecclesia for Equality”.

All events, requirements and statements will be presented through our member groups to the communities, the national bishop’s conferences, the Vatican offices as well as to national and regional representatives.

     We celebrate our pilgrimage towards a truly synodal Church in Rome with a Synod of Women from the 6th October – 15th October 2023. In Rome, we will present locally and virtually, our wishes and our goals to those responsible and jointly stand up together for dignity, equality and justice in our church. We hope that the initiatives of our member groups will inspire, uncover and express the hopes, commonalities and issues confronted be many Catholics around the world.

Newsletter – April 2023

Events and Initiatives

The different virtual and physical pilgrimages  should lead to a better understanding of the perspectives, strengths and struggles of Catholic women around the world. We hope that through common understanding with our sisters, different voices around the world can come together in a harmonious vision of hope for the Church.

All events and initiatives are organised by the CWC member groups. Find out where your local CWC event is taking place or join an online virtual initiative.

Not an affiliated group of CWC? Click here to find out how your group can join.

Ecclesia for Equality

We are excited to share the beginnings of our plans for the Synod in October and invite you to consider how you and your network might add your voice, witness, or support to what we are calling the Ecclesia for Equality. For further details and information please see our Newsletter. (Click 'More Info')
October 2023

Walk with women

Women's Ordination Conference
6th October 2023

Spirit Unbounded

Human Rights in the Catholic Church
8th-14th October 2023


The CWC network has carried out joint global actions and its own locally organised initiatives. Click on the button below to learn about the past pilgrim actions.

Express yourself

We want to know, what dignity and equality mean to you as a Catholic. Express your ideas in your own creative way – it could be an inspiring message or a vision of the future of our Church, an artwork, a poem or a song. Share a symbol, a sign or a story. We are curious about what you want to add to our mosaique!

Click the pictures below to see how other Catholics around the world are expressing themselves.

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