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The Catholic Women’s Council (CWC), is a coalition of Catholic women’s groups and networks from different countries which are joining together for a pilgrimage towards Rome. Through virtual and local initiatives, these groups are setting an example for dignity and equality in the life of the Church. The understanding of equal dignity and equal rights is at the forefront of all events, which are intended to facilitate meetings on an equal basis within the framework of a virtual pilgrimage until the autumn of 2022.

All events, requirements and statements will be presented through our member groups to the communities, the national bishop’s conferences as well as to national and regional representatives.

We celebrate the conclusion of our pilgrimage towards a truly synodal gender-just Church in Rome with a Synod of Women. In Rome, we will present locally and virtually, our wishes and our goals to those responsible and jointly stand up together for dignity, equality and justice in our church.

We hope that the initiatives of our member groups will inspire, uncover and express the hopes, commonalities and issues confronted by many Catholics around the world.

Events and Initiatives

The different virtual and physical pilgrimages  should lead to a better understanding of the perspectives, strengths and struggles of Catholic women around the world. We hope that through common understanding with our sisters, different voices around the world can come together in a harmonious vision of hope for the Church.

All events and initiatives are organised by the CWC member groups. Find out where your local CWC event is taking place or join an online virtual initiative.

Not an affiliated group of CWC? Click here to find out how your group can join.

Initiatives location

Women’s European Continental Meet for Synodal discussion

In order to continue our collective process of listening, dialogue and discernment as part of the continental phase of the Synod, we should like to invite you to a second webinar on 12 January 2023 at 18.00 CET/17.00 GMT.

Stand by Me

You are invited to be part of the 16 days of activism to end Gender-based violence
25th November 2022 to 11th December 2022 from 7-8 pm IST

Information and exchange on the continental level of the Synod

Andante, the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations, and the Catholic Women’s Council invite you to a European meeting to prepare for the continental stage of the Synod. In this zoom discussion, there will be an overview of the document “Working Document for the Continental Stage” produced by the Holy See’s synod office, followed by a presentation to highlight areas for discussion in breakout groups in each of the five languages, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
Monday, 28th November 2022 | 18.00 - 20.00 CET I 19.00 – 21.00 EET.

Liturgy: Asian Women’s Theological Perspective of Mission

Women’s Ordination Worldwide invites you to a Eucharistic Liturgy on Christian Mission from the theological perspective of Asian Women.
Sunday, 4th December 2022 | 8:00 pm The Philippines | 5:30 pm India | 12:00 pm United Kingdom | 1.00pm Central European Time | 7:00 am ET United States

LISTEN! Women’s Voices from Around the Globe

Findings from the CWC Listening Sessions and the CWS/ CWC Survey. Language interpretation available in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French.
Sunday, 02 October 2022 : CEST 13:00 | CDT 06:00 | EDT 07:00 | IST 16:30 | WIB 18:00 | AWST 19:00


Thank you for your support, Voices of Faith - Maria 2.0 from Schaan. In a solemn service on 28.8. the parish leader Monika Schmid of the parish of St. Martin in Effretikon was bid farewell by her large congregation after 37 successful years. During the high prayer, the whole team stood together at the altar and prayed. The Bishop of Chur calls this standing together at the altar abuse.

Liturgy of Mary Magdalene 2022

We invite you to join the liturgy for the Feast of Mary Magdalene. English, French, Italian, German and Spanish translations will be distributed. Register soon. We look forward to your participation.
22nd of July 2022 | 1300 CEST


The Catholic Women’s Council warmly invites you to its fifth Global Listening Session on 25th June 2022. This time the meeting will be prepared by women of “Women and the Australian Church” (WATAC) and “Women’s Wisdom in the Church” (WWITCH) from Australia, and women of “Be The Change Catholic Church Aotearoa” New Zealand, with contributions from other continents to explore how women around the world are experiencing the sacred in Sacramental Life. Simultaneous translation will be available in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.
25th June 2022 || Peru 05:00 |EDT 06:00 | UK 11:00 | CEST 12:00 | India 15:30 | AWST 18:00 | AEST 20:00 | NZ 22:00


We would be pleased if you would join us for our 4th CWC Listening Session organized by the North America region.
June 09, 2022 || CDT 07:00| EDT 08:00| CEST 14:00| IS 17:30| WIB 19:00| AEST 10:00 PM

Catherine of Siena College Seminar: “Obeying God’s Plan – Spiritual Abuse of Nuns”

Peruvian Catholic theologian Dr Rocio Figueroa is lecturer in Systematic Theology at Good Shepherd College in Auckland, New Zealand. Professor David Tombs is a lay Anglican theologian and holds the Howard Paterson Chair of Theology and Public Issues at the University of Otago, Aotearoa New Zealand. With Jayme R. Reaves, they are co-editors of "When Did We See You Naked? Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Abuse" (SCM Press, 2021).
May 26, 2022 08:00 PM in London

View Previous Initiatives

The CWC network has carried out joint global actions and its own locally organised initiatives. Click on the button below to learn about the past pilgrim actions.

Express yourself

We want to know, what dignity and equality mean to you as a Catholic. Express your ideas in your own creative way – it could be an inspiring message or a vision of the future of our Church, an artwork, a poem or a song. Share a symbol, a sign or a story. We are curious about what you want to add to our mosaique!

Click the pictures below to see how other Catholics around the world are expressing themselves.

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