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For many plans, considerations and events in 2021, the motto is “Many things are different this time”. This also applies to the ecumenical women’s service at the ÖKT. Since the ecumenical church congress will be organized digitally and decentralized and the service of the Council unfortunately cannot take place, we have looked for alternatives and developed a digital campaign.

Under the motto ÖKT to go “SCHAUT MA(H)L. Women’s voices at the ÖKT” we offer impulses digital way: between May 08 and 16, 2021, a daily impulse will be published via Facebook and Instagram. Authors from different denominations will bring from different communities, partly personal, perspectives on the theme of the meal.

The individual contributions will be published as follows:

May 08 – 10 – kfd (

11 – 13 May – EFiD (

May 14 – 16 – WGT (

You will be able to find the nine posts on Instagram under the hashtag #schautmahl.

Please forward this information and help the women’s voices to be heard at the at the ÖKT.


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