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We hope that our global pilgrimage and the Women’s Synod will attract attention – from church leaders all over the world, but especially at the institutional centre of our church in Rome. It is in these Church centres that our collective experiences, reflections and struggles for “equal dignity and equal rights” for women should be heard.

The Synodal Process called by Pope Francis and the various regional and national initiatives have given new impetus to this project. Catholic women around the world have faced the many challenges of these troubling times with passion, conviction and courage, and many have chosen not to let their paths take them back to where they were. One particular insight that has emerged: Women fight for “equal dignity and equal rights”.

On our worldwide pilgrimage we keep asking ourselves:

What do women hope for from their church?

What needs to change?

What issues do we have to deal with?

From numerous conversations, discussions and Zoom meetings, themes and focal points have emerged.

We endeavour to be inclusive and representative in order to promote equal dignity and equal rights for all women in our globally diverse and multicultural church.

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