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The CWC hopes to bring our global pilgrimage to the attention of church leaders everywhere and especially to the institutional centre of our Church in Rome, where our collective experiences, reflections and struggles for the equal rights and dignity of women should be heard.

The Covid19 pandemic has given new impetus to this project. Catholic women around the world have risen to the challenge of these unsettling times with passion, conviction and courage, and many are determined that things cannot go back to the way they were. One particular theme that has come out of this pandemic is “Women in the Post-covid Church: campaigning for equal dignity and participation”

Other themes that emerged from early discussions are listed below, along with articles to help our network learn more about various issues that CWC groups are working towards.

As part of the pilgrimage process we are inviting feedback from women’s groups around the world:

What do you hope for as a woman in the post-Covid Church?

What theme(s) would you choose for a Women’s Synod?

What has to change?

What are the main issues that we need to address?

What resources do we have as women working for change?

Please gather your stories, ideas and insights through conversations, Zoom meetings and other gatherings, and send us your feedback. We want to be as broadly inclusive and representative as possible in seeking to promote the dignity and equality of all women in our globally diverse and multicultural Church.

To send a contribution, please email

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