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The Catholic Women’s Council (CWC) is a coalition of Catholic women’s groups and networks representing five continents, various countries, language and cultural groups, which are joining together on a pilgrimage towards Rome. Through virtual, local and global initiatives, these groups will express their creativity and discovery of the dignity and equality of women in the Church.

In the months leading up to March 2022, initiatives by CWC affiliated groups will be shared below with the goal to explore the understanding of equal dignity and equal rights in the Church. Each pilgrimage can take many different forms. We challenge you to be creative! There will be meetings, lectures, common prayers, conversations, artistic expressions, concerts, debates, dancing, bicycle trips and more. We hope these initiatives by our member groups will inspire, uncover and express the hope, the commonalities and the struggles that many Catholics grapple with around the world.

Our Goal

These virtual and physical pilgrimages will lead up to a major gathering in Rome in March 2022, where we will bring our many different voices together in a single vision of hope for the Church. At this gathering we will bring major issues and solutions that women have been working tirelessly to improve and change in our Church.


All events and initiatives are organised by CWC affiliated groups. Find out below where your local CWC event is happening or join an online, virtual initiative.

Not an affiliated group of CWC? Click here to find out how your group can join.

Initiatives location

Women and Liturgy – Bridget Nichols and Judith Courtney- Part 4

What gifts - pastoral, ritual, theological, musical - do women bring to liturgical celebrations? Voices on the pitch. 
23 November | 19:00pm GMT

Women and Liturgy – Sara Parks and Lavinia Cerioni – Part 3

Why are more than half the members of the Roman Catholic Church being disregarded? Voices from the sidelines. Patricia Kelly and Tina Beattie.
16 November | 19:00pm GMT

Women and Liturgy – Pauliina Pylvanainen and Joy Powell – Part 2

In the year 612 on the staff of the Church of Holy Wisdom there were 40 deaconesses. What were these women actually doing?
9 November | 19:00pm GMT

Women and Liturgy – Sara Parks and Lavinia Cerioni – Part 1

The 'Silent Women' of the New Testament; what do they tell us about women's contribution to early liturgy? Sara Parks and Lavinia Cerioni
2 November | 19:00pm GMT

Le “donne per la Chiesa” leggono l’enciclica “Fratelli tutti” di Papa Francesco

Women sharing their perspective of Pope Francis's most recent encyclical
6 November | 18:00 - 20:00pm (CET)

Frauen gestalten Kirche

Women are designing and shaping this church
27 October | 19:00 - 21:00pm (GMT+2) 

Anne Soupa – Candidate to become Archbishop of Lyon

Anne Soupa is a French theologian who has put her name forward in May 2020 as a candidate for the position of Archbishop of Lyon.
23rd November | 19:30pm GMT (UTC +0) 

Fr. Tony Flannery – From the Outside: Rethinking Church Doctrine

Fr Tony Flannery was 'silenced' by the Vatican in 2012. In 2020 his Order's appeal was met with a demand he sign 4 oaths which he refused.
2 November| 19:30pm GMT (UTC +0)

Margit Schmidinger – Steh auf und geh mit!

Für die Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau in der katholischen Kirche und für eine offene, den Menschen zugewandte Kirche gehe ich nach Rom.
5 September - 7 November 2020

Women as Church Conference

How do we open new spaces, construct a new framework, and live a renewed calling, for a ‘discipleship of equals’ in which men and women engage in ministry, in various forms, and are equally valued?
27-29 October 2020

Past Initiatives

The CWC network has run common global actions as well as their own locally led initiatives. Click on the button below to browse past pilgrimage actions.

Express yourself

We want to know, what dignity and equality mean to you as a Catholic. Express your ideas in your own creative way – it could be an inspiring message or a vision of the future of our Church, an artwork, a poem or a song. Share a symbol, a sign or a story. We are curious about what you want to add to our mosaique!

Click the pictures below to see how other Catholics around the world are expressing themselves.

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