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Past initiatives

Take a look at some of our past events and initiatives.

International Women’s Day 2020

Over 40 cities participated in our first combined CWC action on International Women’s Day 2020, where our Dignity and Equality theme was launched. Participating countries included: Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Kenya, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom & United States!

Global Easter Action 2020

As coronavirus plagued the world, CWC groups came together to launch a virtual liturgy on Easter Sunday with over 215 people attending and participants from across the world. After the liturgy we asked our network to hang a white scarf in their garden, outside their window or door or on their balcony as a sign that Christ lives and to share the Easter Alleluia of Mary Magdalene who was the first person to witness Jesus’s resurection.

Past Local Initiatives

Initiatives location

Root and Branch – Journey to the Synod

Join Root & Branch with Dr Luca Badini, Director of the world-leading Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research, for an international overview of their work in some of the Church’s most challenging areas - most notably, the dignity and equality of women in our Church.
25 October | 16:00pm GMT

Why Women Must Speak about Power in the Catholic Church

Let's break down the theme of 'power' in the Catholic Church today and how women can rise up to challenge this old style thinking
10 October | 10:30pm CEST

Presiding as a Woman

Your invitation to CWO’s annual gathering to discuss inclusive ministry post lock down
3rd October | 14:00pm

Frauen auf dem Weg mit Jesus

Frauen auf dem Weg mit Jesus...Ordensfrauen Für Menschenwürde laden ein zum Pilgern
20 September | 13:15pm Uhr

Maria 2.0: Kommt zu Tisch! Gleiche Würde – Gleiche Rechte Kölner Dom / Roncalliplatz

Liebe Freund*innen, vom 19-26.9.2020 wollen wir wieder zeigen, wo nach wie vor unser Platz ist: Draußen.
20 September | 14:00pm CEST


Im Mai hatte sich die französische Journalistin und Theologin Anne Soupa um den Stuhl des Erzbischofs von Lyon beworben. Mit ihrer Kandidatur hat sie international für Aufsehen gesorgt.
19 September 2020

SAVE THE DATES, 19-26 September: Maria 2.0 Action Week

Maria 2.0 movement will be running an action week in September as part of their 1 year anniversary celebrations. Major events will be announced soon. 
19-26 September 2020

InVisible. Interdisciplinary voices on vulnerability, vulnerability and human rights

Vulnerability must be talked about. Violating power (vulnerability) that attacks human rights remains invisible in many places - human rights have once again become a violated and vulnerable good. This conference will discuss the topic of vulnerability in many ways.
4-6 October

Empowering Women to Unlock Their Potential

Hear from the seven women who stepped up for spots in the French Catholic Church hierarchy
29 August | 10:30am CEST

Global Zoom Liturgy for the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

Join the Indian Women Theologians as they dedicate an online liturgy to the feast of the apostle of the apostles, Mary Magdalene.
26 July | 13:00pm CEST

Dividing Power, Sharing Responsibility – A conversation with Theologian Anne Soupa

In May this year French theologian Anne Soupa announced her candidacy to become the next Archbishop of Lyon. Join this online interview and Q&A as Anne expresses her position but also uncovers and highlights a fundamental and important issue in the separation of administrative functions of bishops from the sacramental role of priests.
1 August | 11:00am CEST

WATAC Presents – Acting now: Laudato si’, eco-theologies and advocacy

Hear from Jacqui Remond and Dr Di Rayson on how we as Catholics must take on the care of the earth seriously.
14 October | 18:00pm AEST

CWC supports African refugee women creating reuseable, washable masks to support job creation

Members of CWC supported a global call to support south African refugee women to make washable, reusable face masks to protect against coronavirus. Masks were only 2 euros and CWC took over 1500 orders.

Tina Beattie in Conversation with Kochurani Abraham

On Sunday, 14th June Tina Beattie had a Zoom conversation with Kochurani Abraham from Kerala about her experiences of faith as an Indian Catholic woman during this time of global crisis.
14 June

Jayne Ozanne “My Story: Just Love”

Jayne Ozanne is a prominent British gay evangelical who works to ensure full inclusion of all LGBTI Christians at every level of the Church. She is Director of the Ozanne Foundation, which works with religious organisations around the world to eliminate discrimination based on sexuality or gender in order to embrace and celebrate the equality and diversity of all. On March 17th 2019 she was appointed to join the UK government’s LGBT Advisory Panel. She is a member of General Synod of the Church of England. On the 14th of November 2019 she presented Pope Francis with a copy of her book and research on the harm caused by conversion therapy.
15 June

Women and the 2020/21 Australian Plenary Council

WATAC invites current and future wo/men leaders in the fields of social justice, theology, biblical studies, church reform and feminism to speak about their work, research and what matters to them. The first session, on Women and the 2020/21 Australian Plenary Council will take place on Tuesday 9th June 2020 at 6pm AEST.
9 June

Tina Beattie in conversation with Julie Siddiqi

Join this important conversation hosted by Tina Beattie with gender equality campaigner and interfaith educator Julie Siddiqi.
8 June

Pentecost Virtual Liturgy

Fifty days after the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit descended on Christ's disciples, and from then on has accompanied believers and enabled them to pray and preach the Good News. The Holy Spirit comes to frightened, closed and hopeless women and men and transforms them into a strong and free community - open and ready to reach out to others. According to the words of St. Paul, the Holy Spirit makes one body out of us, in which each of us is irreplaceable. The women of the Catholic Women's Council want to come together and celebrate our diversity and equality - our sisterhood in the Holy Spirit.
31 May

Q&A with Dr Amanda Dillon

Q&A with Dr Amanda Dillon, a research fellow in the Loyola Institute. Amanda's main area of expertise is at the intersection of Biblical Studies with Visual Studies, in the field of Biblical Reception History.
25 May

Al Passo Delle Donne

Women on their way to a church that recognizes full dignity and equality to all the baptized
23 May

#juniainitiative zoom discussion

The #Junia Initiative stands for the experience that the spiritual power of God works, regardless of office, consecration, power and gender. This sacramental action is not officially recognized by the official church. The #JuniaInitiative wants to open the door with the term "sacramental mission" and future-proof and strengthen the church through networking and creative theological work. Junia is the patron of the #Juniainitiative. Paul describes her as an apostle in the letter to the church in Rome. The Zoom conference offers the opportunity to get to know the women of the initiative and their concerns, to encourage and celebrate each other. Core team includes Charlotte Küng-Bless, Regula Grünenfelder Dorothee Becker, Iva Boutellier Prioress Irene Gassmann, Veronika Jehle.
17 May

Action Maria 2.0 Frankfurt

A year has passed since we started our public actions as Maria 2.0 in Frankfurt. A lot has changed in the course of the year and much has been achieved. Maria 2.0 is effective, even if the iron doors in the church to protect women are still locked with padlocks and raised drawbridges. But Jesus can also come through closed doors and so we women will one day penetrate these walls in his spirit. We want to continue step by step and resume our activities on May 14th, we want to be infectious, but not with Corona, but with the spirit of Jesus. Photos of our members will be published on Thursday, May 14th, enlarged to A4 and mounted on a cardboard, hung on a rope stretched in front of the cathedral like a clothesline, so that with many faces we visibly express our demand for equal rights and the same dignity.
14 May

Vocations Sunday – ‘Women’s Vocations are Radiant and Unfading’

"For wisdom is more mobile than any motion; because of her pureness she pervades and penetrates all things." (Wisdom 6:24). Vocations Sunday, May 3, virtual gathering together and standing proudly and publicly as we call for the recognition of all women's vocations in the Church. In prayer, and longing, and praise for the women whose vocations must and will be part of the new church that is pieced together from the shards of the disaster of the pandemic.
3 May

Tina Beattie in Conversation with Rocio Figueroa

Tina Beattie was in a Zoom conversation with Peruvian theologian Rocio Figueroa about her experiences as a Catholic woman during this time of global crisis.
22 June
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