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International Day Of The Deaconess 2022

International Day of the Deaconess 2022

International Day of the Deaconess 2022





If the church wants to become sustainable worldwide, it must find a different approach to many issues. This is as obvious as it is urgent in the case of the diaconate for women, which has been demanded for a long time – from the USA to India! We are convinced that this change is possible. And it is indispensable.

Mark’s Gospel tells of a woman who anointed Jesus with precious oil in Bethany (Mark 14:3-9). This prophetically acting woman is a model for us. She sees before all others who Jesus is:
The anointed one who will change the world. We follow the biblical testimony: “Amen, I say to you: In all the world where the Gospel is proclaimed, what she has done will also be told in remembrance of her.” However, her courageous actions, prophetic understanding and spiritual power have been forgotten – as is the case with many women.

It is crucial to make the gifts and talents of women visible and effective throughout the world in order to develop the church in colorful and equal diversity. For this to happen, women must not only be heard and seen but also recognized and empowered through ordination.


16:00: Word service in the cathedral St. Peter in Osnabrück
afterwards common walk to the grammar school Ursulaschule

17:00: Women’s Diaconate worldwide – Day of the Deaconess 2022
Gymnasium Ursulaschule
Kleine Domsfreiheit 11 -18, 49074 Osnabrück, Germany
Moderation: Britta Baas, press spokeswoman ZdK

Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, President KDFB
Prof. Dr. Thomas Söding, Vice President ZdK

Workshop report followed by Discussion
Synodal Forum 3 – Women in Ministries and ministries of the church
Bishop Dr. Franz-Josef Bode, Vice Chairman DBK Dr. Dorothea Sattler, Professor for Ecumenical Theology and Dogmatics

Keynote speech followed by Discussion
Lever for change or patriarchal trap? Feminist-theological reflections on the diaconate of women
Latin American perspective
Dr. Sandra Lassak, Misereor consultant and Lecturer

Closing words and outlook
Irmentraud Kobusch, Chairperson Network
Diaconate of Women
Prof. Dr. Agnes Wuckelt, deputy chairwoman of the kfd
Federal Chairwoman kfd

18:30: Meeting and discussions

20:00: End


By e-mail to:
Please indicate in your e-mail the specific program points for which you are registering.
Registration deadline: April 11, 2022
Participation is free of charge.
No registration is necessary for the livestream on the ZdK Youtube channel.


Alina Mielke
Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK)
Phone: 030 166380649


Central Committee of German Catholics |

Catholic Women’s Community of Germany |

Catholic German Women’s Federation | www.frauenbund .de

Network Diaconate of Women |


Catholic Council Osnabrück
Diocese of Osnabrück
kfd Diocesan Association Osnabrück
KDFB Osnabrück Diocesan Association
BDKJ Osnabrück Diocesan Association
KAB Osnabrück Diocesan Association
Kolping Diocesan Association Osnabrück
Maria 2.0 in the diocese of Osnabrück

Gymnasium Ursulaschule Osnabrück


Other Upcoming Local Initiatives

Initiatives location

Structures in the Church – Structures, Accountability & Transparency: Third CWC International Meeting

The Catholic Women’s Council cordially invites you to its third Global Listening Session on 10 May 2022. This time the meeting will be prepared by a group of women from India and other Asian countries. Speaker: Dr Kochurani Abraham. Contributions by Dr Rachael Sanchez and other Regional presenters. Simultaneous translation in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.
Tuesday, 10th May 2022 || EDT 07:30 | Mexico 06:30 | CEST 13:30 | IST 17:00  | PST 19:30 | AEST 21:30


The Catholic Women's Council is pleased to invite you to its 2nd global Listening Session on 09th April 2022. The meeting will be organised by different European groups from Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland and will focus on the theme "Power, Participation & Representation."
9th April 2022 | CEST 14:00 | CST 06:00 | CDT 07:00 | EDT 08:00 | BRT 09:00 | EAT 15:00 IST 17:30 | PST 20:00 | AEST 22:00


“Synod of Catholic Women” Global group of Roman Catholic Networks working for full recognition of dignity and equality in the Church
9th & 10th March 2022: Chile 1200 hours | Mexico 0900 hours | Brazil 1200 hours | Columbia 1000 hours | Guatemala 0900 hours | Dominican Republic 1100 hours | Madrid 1600 hours | Rome 1600 hours | India 2030 hours

Synod 2021-2023: Listening to Women (Lent course by CWS)

The Catholic Church is currently engaged in a two-year process of dialogue, discernment, reflection and feedback, which will inform and guide the Synod of Bishops gathering in Rome in 2023. This initiative is being supported by parishes, dioceses, networks and groups around the world, which are gathering information to send to the Vatican later this year. Catherine of Siena College (CSC) is partnering with Catholic Women Speak (CWS) to offer a six week course during Lent, exploring a wide range of theological and pastoral perspectives and personal stories from Catholic women around the world. We hope that this will be a resource for individuals and groups seeking to engage with the struggles and hopes of Catholic women from different cultures and contexts. This course was designed by Professor Tina Beattie, Director of Catherine of Siena College. It comprises a weekly recorded video lecture by Tina, a weekly live Zoom seminar, an online discussion forum and access to a wide range of online resources (audio-visual and textual).

Catholic Women Theologians and Jesuit Institute

Catholic Women Theologians, based in Johannesburg, in collaboration with the Jesuit institute is inviting all women who are interested to take part in a zoom meeting to share your experience as a woman in the church and to listen to other women share theirs. We will divide into smaller groups for sharing and themes which emerge from the groups will be included in a report on the issue of women in the church. This will be shared by the diocese as a report to the Synod which will meet in Rome in October 2023. If you are interested in taking part in this process, please register for ONE of the following evenings.
South Africa
February 16th 2022: 6pm-7pm OR February 24th: 6pm-7pm

How to live Christ consciousness in us?

We would like to inform you that How do we live the Christ consciousness in us? has been rescheduled from 03 Feb 2022 11:00 to Saturday 05 Feb 2022 12:00 pm Mexico 19:00 hrs. Spain We hope this will not be an inconvenience for you and that we can meet at How is Christ consciousness lived in us? To keep up to date, please check the event details.
Saturday 05 Feb 2022 12:00 pm Mexico 19:00 hrs. Spain
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