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CWC invites you to share your vocation story with us!

Now is the time for change!


On 8 March, International Women’s Day, we invite you to share your testimonies with us. Write down what drives you, how you live your faith, what vocation you feel called to. How have you responded to God’s call in your life? How do you feel about the fact that women’s vocations are not spoken about in the church? What is your hope?

This action is inspired by the great success of the book “Weil Gott es so will – Frauen erzählen von ihrer Berufung zur Priesterin und Diakonin” (Because God wants it that way – women tell of their vocation as priests and deacons) published by the Benedictine Sr Philippa Rath. In this book, she collected the voices of 150 women from German-speaking countries who feel called to be pastors but cannot live out their vocation in the Catholic Church because they are women. “I had heard from two bishops mention during some meetings that ‘in reality, there are actually only very few called women’. This statement appalled me so much that I wanted to prove the opposite with this book,” says Sr Philippa Rath.

While some feel called to ordination, CWC recognises many women’s vocations and we do not intend this only in terms of ordination.

Equality for women is a question of survival for the Catholic Church. By refusing to allow women to participate equally, men have prevented women from living out their gifts in pastoral care, at the bedside, in sermons and blessings for almost 2000 years.

Please submit your story to
Submissions will be published anonymously if you wish.

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